"Keen Workers Addicted To Zola"


Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Bitch

Coat: Black/white, rough

Date of Birth: 28.09.2018

Height: 48 cm

Weight: 12 kg

ZB-Nr.: VDH-ZBrH BOC 22645


Zola is a daughter of Tequila out of our A-litter


HD: still too young

ED: still too young

OCD: still too young

CEA, TNS, NCL, MDR1, IGS free by parentage

Free of hereditary eye diseases 11/2018


Zola's mother "Tequila"

Zola's father "Cinna"

Grandmother "Piewie"

Grandfather "Sam"

Grandmother "Style"

Grandfather "Glen"

Sister "Devi"


Kind, funny and crazy: Those are the words that best describe Zola. I had always wanted a copy of Kili and got a completely different, but also great dog.


In everyday life Zola is just fun. She is always friendly to people and dogs and she can express her opinion, if she does not like something or if pushy males annoy her. However, she does not exaggerate and only shows her limits. Just like normal, social dog behavior :)

Strangers are okay for Zola. She likes to be cuddled, is always friendly and has no fear of contact, but she does not have to run to all foreign people to greet them like a Labrador. For me that is the most pleasant behavior. People she already knows she loves more than anything else and can freak out completely.


What makes living together with Zola so enjoyable is her extremely funny nature. I think we could fill books with stories of her. It just makes us laugh, if not by her funny actions, then by jumping on your lap, getting herself caressed and making a funny face again. And this is Zola's desire no. 1: Cuddling. She loves to be cuddled and petted in every imaginable situation. As soon as you sit down somewhere, you can assume that Zola is standing in front of you at least five seconds later, grinning over both ears and desperately wanting to jump on your lap, just to cuddle or curl up and sleep. Sometimes I have the feeling that I accidentally crossed in a Chihuahua. But it's soooo cute :)


She has no fear at all of unknown everyday situations or loud noises. Also on shots, loud trucks that drive right next to her, or even airplanes she does not respond at all. On New Year's Eve she was also completely relaxed and I was able to play with her in the garden without any problems (we live a bit outside, so it was not that loud). Also on the ferry, on the stand up paddle board or for example in loud halls she is not afraid at all. She just finds everything that you do with her, totally exciting and cool.

Zola has no problem staying alone and does not destroy anything (usually), only a houseplant and a shoe did not survive. In the first few months she had problems with nausea when driving in a car and salivated her whole box. She probably inherited that from her mother. Now, after a year, she doesn't have this problem anymore and likes to get into the car.

Zola loves to swim. She does not need any toys for that, but simply swims with us for minutes through the lake or beside the standup paddle board.

When playing with Zola she seems like a Mali. She starts from 0 to 180 with a single hand movement. She loves to tug and completely freaks out, physically and vocally :D


In Agility Zola is completely different from Tequila, so I have to get used to it a bit. She is very extroverted and loud, which means that she sometimes does not hear any cues from me, especially in halls with high noise levels. She is very strong and crazy, always gives her everything and is very easy going. At the moment she is not jumping at full height, but even at this height you can already see, what an incredibly good body feeling she has. Tight turns are the easiest exercise for her, which strongly reminds me of Kili's style. Also in the course I do not have to block her or slow her down, she has a very good line of her own and almost always gets it. Runnings on the dogwalk are just as easily as tight turns. She has made this part of her education, that I had the greatest respect for, as easy as I never imagined. At the moment we are still working on having to take back her craziness a bit, otherwise I am very satisfied with her and her development. I am looking forward to the next years with her and I am curious, where the journey will take us :)