Since the beginning of 2016 I am officially approved as a breeder in CfBrH (Club for British Sheepdogs) under the VDH/FCI.


Under my kennel name


"Keen Workers"


I am planning a small breeding with my Border Collies for the future.


The puppies grow up in our living room. They get to know various sounds and situations and will have contact with our other dogs. Another important issue is the contact with strangers and children. According to instructions of the CfBrH, the puppies will be microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed several times and eyes examined. The puppies will leave our kennel in their 8th week of life. They will get a full pedigree, a vaccination certificate and a surprise package.

What I expect from the future puppy buyers

  • I will not give the puppies in kennel or chain attitudes
  • For me the dog is a family member and is treated accordingly
  • Because I breed a working line, I will only give the puppies to families, which will practice Agility, Obedience, herding or other breed typical activities
  • I do not sell my puppies as "sports equipment" and expect that even the dogs will have free time like walks, playing with other dogs, etc.
  • I would like to maintain close contact with the new owners both before and after the delivery of the puppies. If you have any problems or complications, you can contact me for sure

Orientations on my breeding

My goal is to breed healthy, mentally strong and athletic dogs with which the everyday life is same fun like the sport.


Health is a top priority for me. I check every pedigree up the 7th - 8th generation back and would not enter any visible health compromise. Especially in the current situation of the Border Collie breeding, you have to be careful with inheritance of epilepsy or OCD. Therefore, the Border Collie genealogy has become my second hobby.

Another important point for my breeding is the character of the dogs. Many Border Collies are hypersensitive and give way at the lightest pressure. My goal is it that my dogs stay cool under mental stress and do not react panic-stricken or stressed. It is also important to me that my dogs have a very open mind, are friendly to people and get along easily with other dogs.

A point that also plays a big role for me, is the sport. I want to breed the original type of the Border Collie, which was bred to work. These are mostly back to British lines. Personally, I like the bit smaller, thinner type of Border Collie, that runs tirelessly and agile like a snake through the course. In sports, I want to breed the somewhat "harder" type, which sometimes endures criticism and still does thinking about.


Overall, I expect a lot of my breeding.