"Tequila Rose of Shamrock Field"


Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Bitch (castrated while c section)

Coat: Black tri, rough

Date of birth: 24.10.2013

Height: 49 cm

Weight: 14 kg

ZB-Nr.: VDH-ZBrH BOC REG 1659 (NHSB 2942667)

Show: "Very good", license for breeding


Nicknames: Kili, Kila, Killer, Schlapp-Schlapp


HD: A1

ED: 0

OCD: free

CEA, TNS, NCL, MDR1, IGS genetically free

Free of hereditary eye diseases 03/2015


Begleithundeprüfung: passed


  • A3 (with almost 20 months)
  • Participant at European Open 2016 in France (final 19th place with one refusal)
  • Agility German Classics 2016: Winner team competition
  • Winner of swhv federation cup 2017
  • Participant at European Open 2017 in Italy
    (Agility run Team: 2nd place, Agility run individual: 8th place, Jumping individual: 4th place)
  • Winner of Agility by Night 2017 in Luxembourg
  • Winner of dhv German Championship 2017
  • Norwegian Open 2017: Final 5th place
  • Agility German Classics 2017: Winner team competition, Individual 3rd place
  • Winner of Border Collie Agility Meeting (B.A.M.) 2018 
  • Winner of swhv federation cup 2018
  • Winner European Open Team 2018 in Austria


Tequilas mother "Piewie"

Tequilas father "Sam"

Grandmother "Babe"

Grandfather "Duke"

Grandmother "Tess"

Grandfather "Jim"

Sister "Sam"

Sister "Misty"

Sister "Skye"

Brother "Knoxx"


I searched for the perfect healthy and athletic Border Collie bloodline for nearly 2 years after I studied hundreds of pedigrees and databases. After some time I found a bitch at the internet from the Netherlands and I fell in love with her and began to consider her pedigree. Through her relatives I found the perfect litter and wanted a puppy out of this litter. So a few days later we drove to the Netherlands to the kennel "Shamrock Field". I was immediately impressed by the bitch and of all relatives who also lived with Pia and Math. One week later the puppies were born and after a long phase of decision I chose Tequila. Pia and Math, I can not thank you enough for this amazing dog! As a puppy, in everyday life, in Agility, with other dogs and people - Kili is simply my dream dog and I could not imagine a better dog. And yes, she is so convincing that even my father, the initially absolute Anti-Border-man, wanted to do Obedience with her :D

In Agility she has an extremely soft movement, is really easy to handle and is very flexible in her spline. But she always gives 100% of her speed, if not 110% ;) She assumes corrections without any problems and takes this seriously even without collapsing into herself. This makes it extremely easy to work with her and to tell her what is okay and what is not. If it should even be necessary to be mad, she thinks about it and then makes with exactly the same enthusiasm (and a bit more brain) again. While waiting outside the course Tequila is now very good-behaved and also comes to rest. But this has cost us many nerves, because when she was young she was screaming in her box and wanted to run with the others. Even if it was very exhausting - it only shows which high drive Tequila already had at a young age ;)

In everyday Tequila is totally easy to handle. It is an always good-humored girl and she is pleased with every activity you are going to plan with her. A sentence she would never say in her life is definitely: "I don't want to do that", she loves all activities. At home she sleeps most of the day and at boring days she maybe brings a ball to someone. But if any action initiates, she is immediately ready to do everything with you. In crowds or masses she behaves totally quiet and is not stressed at all.

If Tequila knows someone, she loves him more than anything else and is totally crazy for him. In addition, she doesn't have her tongue under control and must always lick all people, preferentially in their face. To people she doesn't know yet, she is always friendly and open, but not overtightened. Anyway, she is an absolute cuddly dog, who loves to sit or sleep on your lap and will be cuddled all day long, with a big smile on her face.

With other dogs Tequila gets on very well and also like to play sometimes, when she is not in Agility mode. I can't remember that she ever had a dispute with other dogs and she also knows how to defuse dangerous situations. But she doesn't like penetrant males, which do not stop after she warned him for many times.


With loud noises she responds very differently. When she was young she had an unlucky encounter with a rocket, so she doesn't like loud fireworks that much. In such situations she crawls into her bed, but never gets panic-stricken or something like that. With some action you get her immediately back on her feet. Same with very loud thunderstorms. Other loud noises like loud shoots, a chapel or a carnival parade, are no problem for her.
In stressful situations, such as big tournaments or championships, she stays nervously completely stable and the whole situation does not bother her in the least. Normally, in such situations, the person should be the one who brings calm and serenity into the situation. The connection between Tequila and me is a bit different: I'm very nervous and have trouble keeping the calm and Tequila stays completely cool and gives me the security I should give her. This makes it sooo much easier :)